As a prominent supplier to OEM, Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive manufacturers,
we also utilize the automotive industry’s rigorous production part approval process (PPAP) to ensure
confidence, reliability, and consistency in the Company’s production process

Our Certifications

  • MACE Certified

    MACE required for vendors who supplies to Maruti Suzuki

  • SQ Certified

    SQ required for vendors who supplies to Hyundai & Kia

  • VDA 6.3 Certified

    For German Automotive organization supplies

  • IATF Certified

    IATF Certified Company

  • Greenko Certified

    Greenko for Conservation of Natural Resources

  • SMETA Award

    SMETA Award for the workplace conditions Assessment

  • ISO 14001

    ISO 14001 Certified Company

  • ISO 45001

    ISO 45001 Certified Company

  • Quality concept
    in Suba Plastics

    Other Quality-Focused Process and Techniques we follow “lean” production, 5-S, Six Sigma, statistical process control (SPC), and process failure mode effects analysis (PFMEA). Our project management service model also helps to provide clients with total quality assurance from start to finish.

    Whether your project requires millions of units or small, pre-production quantities, your work will be handled with the same, unfailing, careful attention to detail that you warrant.

  • QAD & Metrology

    • APQP & PPAP Documentation
    • Standard measuring instruments are calibrated through certified agents with NABL certificate
    • Carl Zeiss CNC-CMM with gear profiling (up to 15D) and testing software
    • Manual CMM for Tool room
    • In house testing facilities such as MFI tester, GF tester, Moisture analyzer, Profile Projector
  • CMM – Zeiss Contura

    • Our Zeiss Contura CMM can be used for measuring deep
      features, self-centring, displaced conditions such as reference
      systems or position errors.
    • Customized Programming features for gear parameters and other

    • Magnification range from 9X-500
    • Measuring range from 100x100x100mm to 500x400x300mm
    • Full 3D software with least count – 1/0.5/0.1 micron
    • Fully integration with CAD for reverse engineering application
    • Autofocus
    • Thread less worktable – Zero Backlash
  • Testing Facilities available

    • Melt Flow Tester- (0-400°C / 59:59 Min : Secs)
    • Moisture Analyzer- (0-120 G & 30°C TO 105°C)
    • Bunsen Burner- (0 – 100 ° C)
    • Universal Testing Machine for Pull & Push load-(0.0 TO 500 Kg)
    • Shore A Tester for Rubber hardness-(0 – 100 deg shore A)
    • Rock well Hardness tester for HRC testin

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