Tool Room Infrastructure
  • Makino PS105 (3-Axis Vertical Machining Center )

    3-Axis Vertical Machining Center

    Makino Raises the Bar in Vertical Machining Center Productivity with Next-Generation PS105

    Advanced technologies and increased capacity drive new levels of productivity for job-shop production environments.

    Building on its highly successful PS-Series product line, Makino introduces the next-generation PS65 and PS105 vertical machining centers.

    Both models feature enhanced design characteristics and next-generation technologies that expand upon the capabilities of their predecessors. With an ideal blend of power, accuracy, speed and reliability, the PS65 and PS105 are redefining the standard for vertical machining center productivity within the aerospace, medical, automotive and general manufacturing industries.

  • EDGE3i

    Sinker EDM

    The EDGE3 machine provides open and unrestricted access for the opera-tor to the work zone with a 4-sided programmable rise and fall work tank, and achieves reliable and repeatable precision through a stationary work table design.

    The advanced technologies and intelligent design of the EDGEi-Series machines deliver an unparalleled value, capabiliry and reliable productivity to Sinker EDM operations.

    The EDGE3i machine provides open and unrestricted access for the operator to the work zone with a 4-sided programmable rise and fall work tank. and achieves consistent repeatable precision through a stationary work table machine design.

    The foot print of the EDGE3i is dramatically reduced by ‘me…mg the dl-eleCthc reservoir into the base casting of the machine, eliminating the need for external holding tanks. and this design enhances thermal stability coupled with the standard di-electric chiller unit. Floor space requirements are further reduCed bY integrating the ATC (Automatic Tool Change, system internal to the machine beneath the Ve structure, providing greater process efficiency and unattended operation capability.

  • Fancu Wire cutting

    ROBOCUT -C600iC

    S.No Standard
    1 Maximum workpiece dimensions [mm] 1050 x 820 x 300
    2 Maximum workpiece weight[kg] 1000
    3 XY axis table travel [mm] 600 x 400
    4 Z axis travel [mm] 310
    5 UV axis travel [mm] ± 100 x ± 100
    6 Maximum taper angle°/mm>] ± 30/150
    7 Minimum step increment of the drives [mm] 0.0001
    8 Wire diameter [mm] Ø 0.10 – Ø 0.30
    9 Maximum wire weight [kg] 16
    10 Machine weight [approx.] [kg] About 3600
    11 Controller FANUC 31i-WB
    12 Part program storage size [MB] 8
    13 Acoustic noise level
    14 LPA [dB] 64
    15 LPCpeak [dB] 81
  • Mitsubishi SG12

    Model name Overview Sales status
    SG12 High-performance Die-sinker EDM
    Next-generation machine incorporating the Mitsubishi Electric’s AI technology (Maisart) and control unit (D-CUBES) to pursue both high accur acy and high productivity
    On sale

    Machining Accuracy

    • Machining from the fine shape to large size shape can be achieved with high accuracy and high productivity.
    • High rigidity construction is realized by structural change of cast and Middle-Large area machining performance is improved(machining time,electrode weak).
    • Automatic depth recognition and stable servo control using “Maisart” make uniform surface finish.


    • Sensing technology (D-CUBES) and AI technology (Maisart) optimize machining in real time.
    • IDPM3
    • Machining speed is up to 50% faster with the combination of highly accelerated (1.6G) jump control and aduptive control “IDPM3”.
    • Suppresses edge wear enables single electrode machining. Electrode cost, setup and machining time are significantly reduced.
    • Maisart
    • Optimize the jump length according to the machining dimension and shape.
    • Automatically recognizes distinct depth of machining to improve stability.
    • Plunge machining reduces machining time by up to 30%.


    • “Fast” and “Ergonomic”operation Excellent performance with “Easy operation”,”human error reduction” and “connect ability” supporting productivity improvement for customers.
    • HOME Screen is like a smartphone. you are able to reach various screen by “short-cut menu”.
    • The Navigation menu supports operation from setup to machining.
    • New thin operation box is a standard equipment.
    • The best condition is selected by factor selection and narrow down search. Adjustment bar for choosing “Speed” or “Uniformity”.
    • “Action menu” helps your operation. Table form programing display “ESPER D-CUBES”.
    • Centralized management of consumables. The consumables screen manages usage time and replacement log of consumables.
    • 19 inch touch screen.
    • Power saving function to reduce power consumption. Reduces standby power consumption during idling at night, etc.
  • Makino f3 VMC


    The Makino F3 is a vertical machining center (VMC) manufactured by Makino Milling Machine Co. Ltd. It is designed for high precision, high speed machining of a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, and composites.

    The F3 VMC has a compact design with a small footprint, making it ideal for small to medium-sized machining applications. It features a high-speed spindle that can rotate at up to 20,000 RPM, which enables it to cut through tough materials quickly and efficiently.

    The F3 VMC is equipped with a range of advanced features, including a high-resolution touch-screen control panel that allows for easy programming and operation. It also features a rigid machine structure with a high-quality casting, linear guides, and high-precision ball screws, ensuring excellent accuracy and stability during machining.

    Other notable features of the Makino F3 VMC include a high-speed automatic tool changer that can accommodate up to 30 tools, as well as a coolant system with a large capacity tank and a chip conveyor that helps to keep the work area clean.

    Overall, the Makino F3 VMC is a highly versatile and reliable machine that is ideal for a wide range of machining applications, including milling, drilling, tapping, and more.

    Here are some technical specifications for the Makino F3 VMC

    • Table size: 35.4″ x 15.7″
    • X-axis travel: 31.5″
    • Y-axis travel: 15.7″
    • Z-axis travel: 17.7″
    • Spindle nose to table surface: 5.9″ – 23.6″
    • Spindle taper: BT40
    • Spindle speed: 20,000 RPM
    • Rapid traverse rate (X/Y/Z): 1,575 IPM
    • Cutting feed rate: 0.04 – 394 IPM
    • Tool changer capacity: 30 tools
    • Maximum tool diameter: 3.1″
    • Maximum tool length: 11.8″
    • Maximum tool weight: 15.4 lbs
    • Machine weight: 11,500 lbs
  • BFW agni Bmv45 tc20


    High-speed spindle: The machine is equipped with a powerful spindle motor that can reach speeds up to 8000 RPM, allowing for fast and efficient cutting of various materials.

    Automatic tool changer: The BMV45 TC20 has an automatic tool changer with a capacity of up to 20 tools, which reduces setup time and improves productivity.

    Control system: The machine is equipped with a Siemens 828D control system, which provides advanced programming capabilities and easy-to-use interfaces.

    Work envelope: The machine has a large work envelope, with a table size of 900 x 450 mm and a maximum load capacity of 500 kg.

    Rapid traverse rate: The machine has a rapid traverse rate of 30 m/min, which allows for fast movement between cuts, reducing cycle time.

    Cutting performance: The machine is designed for high precision cutting of various materials, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, and composites.

    Chip management: The BMV45 TC20 has an efficient chip conveyor system that removes chips from the work area, reducing downtime and improving productivity.

    Technical specification

    • Control system: Siemens 828D
    • Table size: 900 x 450 mm
    • Maximum load capacity: 500 kg
    • X-axis travel: 760 mm
    • Y-axis travel: 450 mm
    • Z-axis travel: 500 mm
    • Spindle taper: BT 40
    • Spindle speed: 8000 RPM
    • Rapid traverse rate: 30 m/min
    • Tool changer capacity: 20 tools
    • Tool change time (T-T/C-C): 1.5 sec/3 sec
    • Power consumption: 10 kW
    • Machine weight: 4300 kg
    • Chip conveyor: Yes
    • Coolant system: Yes

    These technical specifications are subject to change based on the model and configuration of the machine. It is always recommended to refer to the official documentation or consult with the manufacturer for the latest and most accurate technical specifications.

  • M08JL5-Ⅱ


    Heavy-duty turning on the long shaft

    Long stroke type suitable for machining long workpieces

    Overwhelming cost performance

    Brilliant cutting capability realizes high productivity.

    On-board conversational programming software, Turn mate I, is prepared as an option.

    Minimizes the damage to the machine with retraction function by abnormal load detection.

    Safety setting up by interference prevention function at debug mode.

    Thanks to the thermal displacement compensation function, the long-term stable production is realized.

    Technical specification

    S.No Mo8JL5-II
    1 Max. machining dia. Ø280mm/Ø65mm (Barstock)
    2 Max. machining length 500mm
    3 Spindle chuck size 8 inch
    4 Main spindle speed Max. 4,000 min-1 (Rated speed : 3,500 min-1)
    5 No.Of turret stations 8-station turret
    6 Rapid traverse rate X : 24m/min Z:27m/min
    7 Main spindle motor 9/11kw
    8 WidthxDepthxHeight 2,170mm x 1,778mm x 1,600mm
    9 Weight 3,430kg
  • Enterprise 1550 lathe


    All Geared Head Lathe, comprising of hardened and ground bed, American A2-6 Spindle Nose, R.H. Hand Wheel Apron, Square Tool Post and electrical item suitable for 415V, 5HP, 50 cycles with 3.7 KW motor.

    Machine Equipped With

    • Dead Centre with Centre Sleeve
    • Dead Centre for Tailstock
    • Toolkit
    • Oil Gun
    • Square Tool Post
    • Machine Lamp
    • Coolant Pump with Cock Equipment
    • Maintained Contact Shaft for Spindle Operating
    • Thread Dial Indicator
    • Dog Plate
    • Electro-Magnetic Brake with Foot Petal

    Technical specification

    • Maximum Swing over Bed: 550mm (21.6 inches)
    • Distance between Centers: 2000mm (78.7 inches)
    • Spindle Bore Diameter: 105mm (4.1 inches)
    • Spindle Speeds: 16 (20-1600 RPM)
    • Number of Feeds: 65
    • Range of Feeds: 0.031-1.7mm/rev (0.0012-0.067 inches/rev)
    • Thread Pitches: 54 (0.5-120mm)
    • Main Motor: 11 kW (15 hp)
    • Tailstock Quill Diameter: 100mm (3.9 inches)
    • Tailstock Quill Travel: 235mm (9.2 inches)

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